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N₂ Series

N₂ Series

Nitrogen Supported System With Many Options
High Clamping Force,Parallel Motions,Faster Cycles

Freedom in Production

We provide high clamping forces thanks to the nitrogen supported hydraulic systems and make parallel motions to speed up the cycle times for specific products.

What is a Nitrogen Support?

The hydraulic oil, compressed by nitrogen tubes is steered into the powertrain. The motions which need to be made paralelly can be made without a loss in oil flow and prevent the loss of time.With an extra clamping pump,we provide a high clamping force seperate from main hydraulic system.

What Can be Manufactured?

  • Pesticide Bottles
  • Jerry-cans
  • Canisters
  • Daily used Products
  • Medical Products


With our multi-layered die-heads we present our solutions to the manufacturers in many sectors.Starting from 2 layer to 6 layer we design our die-heads and provide solutions to our customers

Fast Colour Change

We provide a fast colour change which takes less than 15 minutes thanks to our high-level engineering.

Special Design


Energy Saving

7/24 Support