• Address: Abdi İpekçi Cad. 1.Emintaş Sa. Sit. No: 158/1-6
    Bayrampaşa 34160 İstanbul/Türkiye

  • Call Us: +90 212 577 43 98

Our company provides the best and complete trainings and services:

  • – Training in our company:for short or mid-term staff training.
  • – Training in your company:for short-term in plant staff training.
  • – Training service:to hold the needed training responding to customers’ requirements.
  • – Normal service and training in your plant:to provide normal services in plant according to customers’ requirements.

We provide assistance to our partners no matter where they are and help them manufacture without any loss in time.

As Demak we know how competitive the industry is so we support our partners 24/7.