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    Bayrampaşa 34160 İstanbul/Türkiye

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  • – Automobile and Home Appliances
  • – Farm Products
  • – Toys
  • – Furniture


  • – High Speed
  • – Low electric consumption
  • – Inverter
  • – User Friendly Automation System

Plastic use is becoming very popular in industries as automobiles and home appliances.With our customers demands, we design our machines specially for our customers and create solutions.

With the accumulator headed injection blow moulding machines,our partners can produce any product with the help of high automation and claim high quality products.

DM-BLI 100

DM-BLI 110

DM-BLI 100

Optional Equipments

  • – Micro Extruder for Level Line
  • – Coextrusion
  • – Guillotine or Heated Blade
  • – Leaking Test Unit
  • – Robot Take Out System
  • – Conveyor for Scraps
  • – Conveyor for Products


High Quality

We know high quality is the most important feature in the industry so we design our machines to provide high quality for our partners.

High Capacity

High capacity is very important for every manufacturer.We create solutions for our partners to provide them assistance with our high quality-high capacity policy.

User Friendly

With our user friendly control systems operators will feel they are controlling everything.


We reduce the costs of labour with automatic controlled equipments.

Low Electric Consumptio

We promise our partners a lower electric consumption than our competitors in the industry.